Friday, July 17, 2015

Drunk Driving: In Memory of Tom Serewicz

It's July 17th, the anniversary of the day in 2010 that a  CYC alumnus was killed by a drunk driver at age 24, leaving behind a wife and two small children. You can read more about Tom here. He is very missed.

It's pretty clear that drunk driving is dangerous. Schools teach about it, there are PSAs everywhere... it's not a secret.

So why do people still drink and drive?

Basically, because alcohol takes away your brain's ability to assess itself. In other words, you don't know how inebriated you are when you have been drinking...

Therefore, if you are going somewhere after drinking, designate someone to abstain from alcohol before you start drinking. Ideally, they drive right from the start and your car stays home. Otherwise, give them your keys as soon as you see them. Co-operate with them later. Be a good friend. Don't forget to take your turn as the sober driver. It's only fair.

By the way, exhaustion also affects your brain's ability to assess your condition, so if someone says you are too tired to drive, you probably are.

For more information on drunk driving, look at's fact sheet on drunk driving.

RIP Tom.

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  1. This annual post makes me so sad, but I'm glad you do it.