Sunday, January 11, 2015

Song for Sunday: Man in the Mirror


That is what it costs, on average to buy a human being. Over 30 million people are currently enslaved -- truly enslaved, not just exploited and paid too little. The market for human trafficking is valued at $32 million.

It's a travesty beyond words to explain.

But it only takes one person to make a difference - and that person could be you.

Begin with prayer. Then, look at your own actions. Many of the products we we purchase everyday have been grown or fabricated by slaves, in whole or in part. Watch for fair trade products to help ensure products are made by free people receiving a fair wage.

Today's Song for Sunday was chosen to encourage this.

It's also in honor of Andrae Crouch, the award winning gospel artist who passed away this week at age 72. Many of his songs are in church songbooks. In this instance, though, he is directing the choir that's backing up Michael Jackson.

I hope this song inspires you to make a difference somewhere.

God bless!

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