Tuesday, August 12, 2014

(Belated) Song for Sunday: The Tears of a Clown

Robin Williams is dead and many people are shocked. They didn't know that the comedian battled depression. Many figured such an amazingly funny person must be happy.

Check your perceptions. Class clowns are often trying to divert attention for something -- an incompetence in some area, a learning disability, having missed something because of inattention....or depression.

Back in 1971, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles performed The Tears of a Clown. It's lyrics are an authentic expression of the experience of many. Of course, song lyrics can only go so far. The deep pain of so many defies true expression.

So in memory of not only Robin Williams, but all of the other class clowns and comedians who have died by their own hand and in hopes that this will help raise awareness and ease the struggle for others, The Tears of a Clown is today's Song for Sunday. 


God bless your journey.



  1. What an appropriate song choice. The outpouring of emotion since Robin William's passing was announced is incredible. And you are so right - only someone who has been through that pain can truly understand. May his death finally remove some of the stigma that accompanies depression.

    1. Thank you. I, too, hope that this death removes stigma for the mentally ill.

  2. Thank you, Melinda. I've been aware of Robin Williams mental illness for many, many years. I know that within the past couple of decades he had publicly shared his struggles. When I learned of his passing I was shocked and hurt, but my reaction was "it's not surprising." Mental illness is a disease, and until it is recognized (and accepted) as such there will always be stigma. My hope, my greatest desire for him is that he is now truly at peace and making the angels laugh.