Tuesday, July 22, 2014

He has a Job

My son has a job.

Oh, he's had little jobs before, like cutting a neighbor's bushes, but this is a bit bigger. Hours every week.

It's actually a volunteer job. It involves two things: helping a librarian plan and present a science program for elementary kids and developing activities on a gaming server for the same age group.

His work does involve showing up for planning sessions, preparation times, and lessons. It also involves a lot of self-directed hours. Almost all of the server work has been "on his own."

It's crazy to think he's old enough to have a job. I want him to still be little!! On the other hand, it's great to see him grow into these responsibilities. He's learning how to manage his time, handle anxiety and deal with slacking coworkers. It has been a fabulous experience for him.

Of course, it also means this is a different kind of summer for us. We have to plan our family time around his schedule. (My husband is a school teacher and so sets his own hours --and there are plenty of them-- in the summer. I am a stay at home Mom) But this change is just a harbinger of the greater changes to come as he moves toward adulthood. I guess small steps like this are good as they make big changes later less overwhelming.

Anyway, he has a job.

What changes are going on with your children and family?