Monday, March 10, 2014

Knitters' Devotional: Joy

I sat near a knitting group in a café.

I couldn’t hear their conversation, but I could see that they were looking at each other’s projects, comparing yarns and laughing. Their laughter was pure and friendly, the type that comes when people have joy.

Knitting can be bring joy in many ways. The work it self can be enjoyable and relaxing. There is joy in completing a project. There is joy in sharing our knitting with others. There is joy in rejoicing when someone else does well, when we learn a new stitch or when someone we are teaching masters the pattern they are working on. There is joy in sorting out a tangle, in redoing work to fix a piece or in figuring out a difficult pattern.

Joy abides deep in the heart, a gift of God. It is not transient or dependent on circumstances. It is real.

Look for the joy in all the areas of your life. It is there to be found, it is there to be taken, to be received with thanksgiving. May you find it always.

Dear God, grant us joy in our knitting and in all our lives. In Jesus name. Amen.

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