Friday, October 4, 2013

Prayer for a New Business

 I am starting a new business. It is a crafting business. I think that it is good to start all things with prayer. I went search for a prayer for a new business today and found this on Prayers for Special Help. It is exactly the prayer I want.

Dear Lord,

I ask for your help in starting my own business. You are my strongest ally, and my best partner. Please join me in this new venture so that I may succeed For myself, my family and the customers I will serve. Grant me your powers of good judgment, Your wisdom and guidance, So that my business may prosper and do right by us all in Your Heavenly name.

Thank you!


I ask that those of you who pray to God join me in praying for this new craft business of mine.

What prayers are you seeking right now?

Are you doing anything new?

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  1. I just posted a press release for my counseling and coaching private practice and I definitely need prayers for that right now. I will keep you in my prayers and I hope you can do the same for me! I wish you well in your endeavors!


    1. Certainly I will prayer for you. All the best to you in this new venture!

  2. I've been creating and enjoying my new business as a time strategy visionary for about a year now. I can always use prayers that I'll be able to share my gifts with those that can most use my assistance of moving out of a stage of overwhelm.

    1. What a great business! I will certainly pray for you!