Thursday, October 3, 2013

Craft Time: Easy Bean Bags

Bean bags aren't all that diffcult to make, but these are even easier than most. I think they would make a good first project for a child just learning to use a sewing machine.

You will need fleece, thread, scissors or pinking shears, and a 4" by 4" square of cardboard. In choosing your fleece, consider solid colors, swirls, polka dots and random patterns. Remember that some fabrics may require you to center a piece or match sides.

On the wrong side of the fleece, draw around the edges of the 4" by 4" cardboard square. Do this twice for each bean bag you wish to make. Cut out the squares. Pinking sears leave a nice edge, but scissors are fine, too. I tried to cut out two squares at once so they would be exactly the same, but found it didn't work too well. 

Put the wrong sides of two squares together. Using a thread that will blend in or a contrasting thread, sew three and a half sides of the bean bag 5/8" in from the edge. Use a smaller stitch than usual. I use a 1.5. If you are using contrasting thread, you might want to choose a decorative stitch.

Fill the bean bag with 1/4 cup of beans. It should be fairly full. Weight will help with both tossing games and juggling.  (If selling or giving away, label for the over three set.)

Close the fourth side using the same stitch as for the other three. Snip hanging threads and you're done!

Hope you enjoy this!

What's your favorite kid's toy to craft?

I think I will do a "Thursday Craft Time" series for as long as my crafty ideas hold out. 

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Photos by J. Parry.


  1. This would be a great first sewing project for kids.
    Great idea.

  2. Great 1st project for kids! Bean bags can be used is so many different activities. I don't think we've crafted any "toys" but we like to craft!