Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let's Roll!

"Are you guys ready?

Okay. Let's roll!"

                                ~Todd Beamer

Who were the heros of 9/11?

The ones who took action. The ones who did what they had to do. Or what they could do.

The firefighters, police officers and other emergency workers who went in while others were coming out -- and kept working long hours for days on end while mourning their friends.

The school teachers who walked kids to safety.

The chaplains, counselors and volunteers who went to help.

The neighbors who opened their doors.

The passengers on Flight 93 who stood up to their attackers so that, although they died, the plane didn 't reach it's target and no one on the ground was hurt.

Yes, the ones who did something. Whatever they could in their own set of circumstances.

Some we have heard of, some we honor. Others remain in obscurity, forgotten or never known.

We owe them all a debt.

We should follow their example.

They are the heroes.

What can you do? What will you do?

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