Monday, March 14, 2016

Meme-ic Monday: Choose Happiness

We can't choose what we have to face, we can choose how to react to it. That's the piece of advice that this meme reminds me of.

My sister, Pam, passed away on February 25 and her memorial service was yesterday, March 12. A "Celebration of Life and Legacy" we called it, and it was. The men wore Hawaiian ties supplied by her husband because she had wanted Hawaiian shirts at her funeral but that might have been misunderstood by some. I wore a muted Hawaiian print shirt with my black skirt and gray shrug.

Pam had used the phrase "Life is Good" throughout her battle with cancer. Shortly before she died, she switched to telling people to "Choose Happiness." Today's meme was posted on her Facebook wall by a friend after she died.

I choose this meme in memory of my sister, and I have no desire to critique or even react to it. It just stands in remembrance of her.

How do you react to this meme?


On Mondays, I will be posting and responding to memes, one each week. They will be ones that grab my attention, perhaps either resonate with me or annoy me. If you see a meme you would like me to react to, let me know.


  1. I think "happiness" is misunderstood by many. To me, it doesn't mean everything is sunshine, fluffy bunnies and unicorns, or roses...good and bad exist at the same time always, where you focus is what matters. This is something that hit me during my own journey with cancer. As treturous as it is, it is also a beautiful journey.

    To me, this means I choose to look at the positive. And...even though it's not aleays the easy path, or easy to do, I choose happiness.

    Shine on Pam 🌟☀💛

    1. Yes, exactly. We can't pretend everything's perfect because it isn't, but we can be positive. Thanks for stopping by!