Sunday, October 7, 2012

Song for Sunday: Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart

I attended the church my friend pastors this morning. I also did my best to 
interpret the service into ASL because several Deaf people were joinging the 
church. We sang this beautiful old hymn. It was tough to interpret, but it is one of my favorites and is a touching prayer. 

        Spirit of God, descend upon my heart;
 wean it from earth; through all its pulses move;
 stoop to my weakness, mighty as thou art,
 and make me love thee as I ought to love.

 I ask no dream, no prophet ecstasies,
 no sudden rending of the veil of clay,
 no angel visitant, no opening skies;
 but take the dimness of my soul away.

 Has thou not bid me love thee, God and King?
 All, all thine own, soul, heart and strength and mind.
 I see thy cross; there teach my heart to cling.
 O let me seek thee, and O let me find.

 Teach me to feel that thou art always nigh;
 teach me the struggles of the soul to bear.
 To check the rising doubt, the rebel sigh,
 teach me the patience of unceasing prayer.

 Teach me to love thee as thine angels love,
 one holy passion filling all my frame;
 the kindling of the heaven-descended Dove,
 my heart an altar, and thy love the flame.

                                ~George Croley

What song touched you at church this morning?

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  1. I've always thought that having signing in church added to the beauty of worship. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks. I find that signing can add to my sense of worship at times. Though interpreting, rather than just signing, requires concentration and doesn't allow you to get "lost in the moment" so to speak.

  2. Greetings from Wordwise Hymns. Your blog caught my eye because I posted an article on this beautiful hymn today. Glad it's one of your favourites. I invite you to check out my post. Maybe a few of the problems you have interpreting it will be ironed out.

    Your doing signing at church brought back memories. Some years ago I taught a Bible Survey course on local television. The gal who usually signed in our services (who is quite skilled) did it for the television program too. But she sure had to work hard spelling all those Old Testament names! Try finger-spelling Nebuchadnezzar a few times! :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

      I read your post and found it very helpful. When I said it was tought to interpret, I meant into ASL, but your post added a lot of meaning to the hymn. And finger-spelling those names is a bit of a challenge!!