Thursday, September 5, 2013


It's a word that still strikes fear.

We have learned much -- but there is still far to go in our fight against this insidious disease.

My family has been struck multiple times. I lost my mother to a version of ovarian cancer that her oncologist called "tough and mean." My sister is battling colon cancer now. Thankfully, the progress of her treatment has been good so far.

I also have aunts and uncles who have been affected.

And friends. Some have died, some are fighting, some have won.

My story is far from unique. I suspect all of us know someone afflicted by cancer.

Research is critical, as is patient care. Both mean money.

Today, I will tell you about two friends who are working to raise money:

My friend Heather, a former college roommate, over at The Reluctant Survivor is walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor and tells her story very well on her blog. It is a very empowering read. Here is her fundraising page.

Paul, who has been friend, mentor, teacher and second Dad since my teen years, rode in the PanMass Challenge the past two years. This year he went many extra miles. His story of training is very inspirational, but it is his love for his late wife Peg that is truly awe-inspiring. He cared for her faithfully and well during her long last illness. Her loss was a blow to many of us. I considered her my second Mom. Paul rode in her memory and also had my sister as a "pedal partner." His fundraising page is open until October 1 and gifts given up to his birthday on September 10th will be doubled.

There are a million ways to support cancer victims and research and many organizations to donate through. I offer two opportunities and hope that you will give to one somewhere, whether in time, prayer or money. God bless you!

What is your experience with cancer?


  1. Melinda, thanks for the "shout out" and links. I never realize the impact of my story until I hear someone else's perspective. You bring amazing strength to your family and to those of us who are your friends. Blessings.